CRM Implementation Package for Small Business at a fixed fee of US$ 1,500

Every business however big or small needs to do one thing really well - manage its customers properly. For big businesses this is not much of a problem. They have the money, infrastructure and resources.

Small businesses do not have this luxury - they usually rely on pen and paper, post-it notes, e-mails & calendar, to-do lists & reminders, excel sheets and other tools to manage their business. There is no tool for them to have a 360 degree view of their business and manage it from one central place.

Well, not any more. With the concept of cloud computing even small businesses now have access to same state of art technology that is available to large corporations and multi-nationals. And the best part - at a very affordable price. is one of the pioneers in introducing cloud computing for business applications. Recognized by IDC, Gartner, Forbes, Fortune and many others for its products and innovation, here is a small video on how can help you with your business.

Technology on Cloud is happy to announce its special 10 Step offer for small businesses. Whether you are one man army or have a team behind you, we will get you up and running on Salesforce CRM within one week at a fixed cost of US$ 1,500. Yes, that is how fast and affordable it is.

(Please note that this implementation package is available only to businesses subscribing to 'Group' or 'Contact Manager' edition on's Sales Cloud)

Sounds interesting? Here is our 10 step process to get you up running on a state of the art CRM solution in just 1 week

Step 1
Once you contact us, we will schedule a discovery session with you to understand your requirements

Step 2
After the discovery session, we will sign up for a trial version of and configure the system for you based on our discussion

Step 3
We will then have a review session with you to walk you through the configuration, show the demo of the system and take your feedback.

Step 4
The system will be fine tuned based on your feedback and released to you for you to try it out yourself. At this stage if you are happy and satisfied with the progress made so far you make 50% payment and we continue further. In an unlikely event that you are not happy just let us know and we stop here. You pay nothing and we ask nothing

Step 5
After you have tried out the system yourself, we will schedule the 3rd and final review session with you and freeze all the requirements. If there is any data that needs to be imported (e.g. existing customer details etc.), we will provide you a template in Microsoft Excel format for you to provide the data that needs to be uploaded to the system

Step 6
Once you send your data to us we will do the final configuration of the system. The data sent by you will be uploaded to the system. System is now ready for your usage.

Step 7
You will conduct a final acceptance test of the system. Once tested and satisfied you make the final 50% payment

Step 8
Upon receiving the full payment, we will transfer the ownership of the system to you. From this stage onwards, the system will be fully under you control and even we won't be able to access it you without your permission

Step 9
We will support you for 1 calendar week after the implementation. During this support period if you have any questions, face any problem or bug in the system we will there to hand hold you and guide you. Any bugs found in the system will be rectified promptly without any extra charge

Step 10
We conduct live online training every 2 weeks for all our small business clients. Your entire team can join this training as many times as they want for a period of one year from the implementation date. This will ensure that if new members are joining your organization, they get up to speed fairly quickly on how to use the system


And here is what is included in our US$ 1,500 package

1. Implementation, which includes

  • Setup and configuration of
    • Leads
    • Accounts
    • Contacts
    • Opportunities
    • Up to 10 custom objects
    • Up to 20 custom fields per object to meet your business requirements
    • Up to 5 validation rules per object
    • Up to 5 Visualforce pages (this can be used to print invoices, purchase or sales orders etc.)
    • Chatter
  • Setup Web-To-Lead capture so that all inquiries from your website gets directly captured in CRM
  • Upload your existing data in Salesforce (e.g. customer data)
  • Create up to 5 reports and one dashboard
  • Email integration (with outlook or Google Apps)

2. Training - which will be conducted over two sessions of 2.5 hours each and will cover the following topics

Session 1: For End Users

  • Setup your personal profile, language, timezone, calendar sharing, changing password
  • How to create / edit / delete records
  • How to search for information in Salesforce
  • Creating Tasks & Events
  • Logging Activities
  • Uploading Notes & Documents
  • Using Chatter to communicate and collaborate with your team and customers
  • Creating Reports
  • Setting up e-mail templates and sending e-mails from CRM
  • Using content library to share contents with your customers (presentations, proposals, quotations etc.)
  • Accessing CRM from mobile devices

Session 2: For Administrators

  • How to create new users and de-activate existing users
  • Customizing
    • Adding new custom fields
    • Modifying pick list values
    • Creating validation rules
  • Security Settings - Password policy, restricting network access
  • Viewing Audit Trail
  • Uploading data to using import wizard
  • Exporting Data from
  • Using AppExchange

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