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Good Job on Oracle APEX Training

The following are the testimonials we received on our Oracle Apex training courses that were conducted under DBCON (DBCON is now Technology On Cloud).

With people from different IT backgrounds, industries & geographies giving their stamp of approval to our training, you can trust us to give you real value for your money.

(If you would like to contact these participants to check on our training program, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you their contact details after ensuring that they do not have any objections on your contacting them).

Our Live Online Training batches have had participants from different countries and industries. This includes :-


IndiaIndia USAUSA CanadaCanada
United KingdomUnited Kingdom AustraliaAustralia GermanyGermany
SwitzerlandSwitzerland BelgiumBelgium RussiaRussia
UAEUAE Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia IraqIraq
BrazilBrazil DenmarkDenmark


Computer Sciences Corporation, USA Accenture Deloitte
Computer Sciences Corporation, USA Accenture Deloitte
Siemens Boeing AT & T
GlaxoSmithKline plc., USA Cummins Inc., USA Business Wire
Computer Sciences Corporation, USA Accenture Deloitte
Computer Sciences Corporation, USA Accenture Deloitte
Computer Sciences Corporation, USA Accenture Deloitte
Computer Sciences Corporation, USA Accenture Deloitte
Fisheries and Oceans Canada Health Canada Indian And Northen Affairs Canada
Chicago Board Options Exchange, USA US Department of Education Wisconsin
Washburn University, USA Wesleyan University, USA Loughborough University
Caltech, USA Coos Bay Public School, USA Bend La Pine Schools, USA
The Children Hospital, USA Softechnics, Inc., USA Tesoro Corporation, USA
eSec Lending, USA Gulf Cryo Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
AGC Europe Maximums PPD
SRA International Boooz Allen Hamilton, USA The Cato Corporation, USA
Auscott Limited, Australia Medical Image & Data Management Services, USA KBR Inc, USA
Tekelec Monsanto, USA Coleg Powys, UK


I took the Salesforce1 course and learned a great deal about how to enable, configure and customize the mobile application with just a few clicks! The course was easy to follow and I would recommend everyone to take this course!

- Millie Morales, Raleigh, NC

We had three employees take the "Developing Applications with ApEx" course and we are very pleased with the results. The course and the lab exercises were clear and well-designed. The presentation technology worked smoothly, about as well as could be hoped. This on-line training is very cost-effective and because of this training, we have made a commitment internally to use ApEx for most future in-house development.

- Pat Holmes, North Hollywood, CA, USA

Both the Basic and Advanced APEX training programs are well worth the cost - more than enough information to get even a newbie up and running. The instructor truly understands the programming environment and is able to answer questions which are outside the realm of the lessons.

- Cynthia Carey, University Park, PA, USA

It was a good well paced training session. I will definitely recommend it to others. Keep up the good work.

- Virender Singh, North Hollywood, CA, USA

This online training is well-organized and professionally presented. It is an excellent immersion training program. Highly recommend. A+.

- John M. Slick, Hendersonville, TN, USA

This was a wonderful overview of APEX, broad enough at just the right depth of explanation, with truly helpful exercises.

- Todd Niepke, Pasadena, CA, USA

All I can say is that it was probably one of the 5 most useful classes I have taken in 15 years! Great class, great instructor!

- Kitty Dua, Pasadena, CA, USA

The APEX training was excellent. It covers a lot of information and all questions were answered. I'm looking forward to the Advanced APEX Training !

- Jessica Daily, London, Ontario, Canada.

Being online, this Training is convenient and a great value for money. Web conferencing medium is almost as good as an instructor led classroom training. 

- Shiv Sharma, Burlington, VT, USA

This training was clear and well worth the money. Combined with the basic training, I feel I received a well-rounded training on APEX and feel confident using the product.

- Shawn Conley, Coos Bay, OR, USA (Advanced APEX Training)

Very well done and organized. Ashish did a wonderful job, very professional.

- Don Masanz, USA

The trainer was very knowledgeable, and the content was thorough. Any additional questions we had were answered, even though they may have been outside the scope of the basic APEX training. I would highly recommend this training.

- Shawn Conley, Coos Bay, OR, USA

Many thanks to Ashish for making the online sessions so enjoyable and very useful. Excellent method of training for busy IT professionals.

- K Sutton - Loughborough - UK

I was concerned about the online training and the distance from the instructor, however, I was pleasantly surprised that the distance was not an issue.

- Austin James, USA

I found both APEX courses I did to be helpful in expanding my skills and provided me with the tools to develop in APEX. I particulalry like the self reliant approach encouraged by online participation.

- Dave Streather, Leicestershire , UK

The trainer was great. His challange was to explain non native speeking english people like me a complex topic. Great job. Excellent Trainer and excellent training material. The training was very efficient for me.

- Michele Savino, Baden Dättwil, Switzerland

The training overall was excellent and covered considerably large number of topics in a short duration of time with out compromising on the quality. The medium of delivery is close to a class-room experience. Excellent training material and labs. Would recommend.

- Amar Mondeddula, West Haven, CT, USA

This course was very beneficial in walking us trough the APEX user interface and providing us with in-depth knowledge about the overall application framework. The presenter did an outstanding job presenting the material and keeping an active dialog amongst all of the course participants. I was very impressed with the overall training experience, and would highly recommend it to others.

- Timothy Besaw, Orlando, Florida, USA

I live in Brazil and one of the great difficult of learning APEX here is that there isn´t no many training courses of this platform. Doing DBCON training make me more confidence to try to develop APEX applications. I thought that APEX is a little complex (although the facility to mount little application in this platform). The instructor of this course knows a lot of Oracle Apex, have patience to explain the concepts and is very dedicated in his presentations. The exercises of DBCON course make more easy to learn these concepts and I would like to recommend DBCON course for DBA´s who would like to began in applications area.

- Sergio Coutinho, São Paulo, Brazil

Ashish was an excellent instructor. Very clear on what we were doing, and always making sure we weren't falling behind. Great job !

- Peter G Graves, Fredericksburg, VA, USA (Advanced APEX Training)

This is an excellent course. I have participated in a number of courses (online or otherwise) in my 10+ years in computer support, and no other course is as complete and as useful as this one.

Worth every cent, even for just the training material !

- Peter Tomlinson, London, Ontario, Canada (Advanced APEX Training)

This is excellent training! It is concisely delivered in a logical and useful manner. The assignments clearly relate to the topics studied and make the concepts clearer.

- Peter Tomlinson, London, Ontario, Canada

I really enjoyed the class, I was able to learn at the convenience of my home and gain the same interaction I would as if I were in a classroom. The hands on labs and demonstration really helped my understanding of the material. I was able to able to use it as resource and apply it to my work immediately.

- Annie, McLean, Virginia, USA (Advanced APEX Training)

Great training class! Very thorough and detailed. Instructor encouraged questions and feedback.

- Jason Charlotte, NC, USA

Although I had read much of the manuals and books prior to the course, having the clicking demonstrated while hearing the explanation for each icon is definitely a much more effective method of learning.

- Patricia Smith, NC, USA

I recommend this course to anyone who needs to quickly start using APEX. The training materials were to the point and the instructor struck a perfect balance between theory and practice. It was a very supportive and productive introduction to APEX.

- Carol McCarthy, Portland, OR, USA

Reasonably priced, very well organized and executed. Really helped me to start APEX development for my company.

- Andrei Solonnikov, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Gives the complete feel as if attended in the classroom. So the flexibility of sitting at your place and getting to learn APEX was one of the benefits with DBCON.

- Sirisha Kodali, West Lebanon, NH, USA

I really enjoyed the training course, it was interactive and the instructor really engages you in the live online training. It's convenient and reasonably priced. Everything I learned applied to my work environment and was utilized on my project. I am looking forward to taking the advanced apex training too!

- Annie, McLean, Virginia, USA

From content to deliverable technique DBCON delivers outstanding quality and knowledge.

- Alejandro Barrere, Florida, USA

Although it is simple to start using APEX, the breadth of the product can be a little overwhelming. This excellently structured and well delivered course provides a solid grounding that should enable you to develop APEX applications with confidence. The on-line conferencing technology proved to be quick and un intrusive. I would not hesitate to take another course that is delivered in this way. 

Thank you for providing this! The current lack of documentation made me cautious about deploying APEX, but after this course I now feel confident that we can use the product effectively.

- Stuart Ellis, London, UK

The materials that the training program covered and the hands-on exercises it provided enable me to develop more advanced skills. The online training tool is easy to use and is convenient for the users to receive training anywhere they like with the Internet access. In general, the price you pay is reasonable and totally worth it. 

- Cindy Hu, BC, Canada

Team DBCON's APEX training provides a great start on developing applications using Oracle's APEX tool. The content is comprehensive and very useful. I have been able to apply things learned in the class directly in applications I am working on at work. The program was very helpful.

- Tom Adams, Washington DC, USA

I never imagined that developing applications would be so easy with Oracle APEX. As an Applications Developer I would say this is the best tool to create excellent web based Apps for those who don't like a lot of coding but still like to create professional Applications. Oracle has done a great job by coming out with something like APEX.

You have good trainers. Keep up the good work of sharing knowledge, at a small price of course....:). Thanks for good training.

- Syed Muqeemuddin, Kuwait