Free Webinar - Introduction to Salesforce1 ?

Mobility is making inroads into Enterprise Applications. Gartner has identified “Cloud Computing” & “Mobile Apps” as one of the top 10 Strategic Technology trends for past 5 years consecutively.

We no longer want to sit at desk and access enterprise applications. More and more, we want to get work done even when we are on the move - on planes, in cabs, in between meetings, in hotels, or even in line for coffee. announced Salesforce1 in Dreamforce 2013 - A new mobile apps development platform to create mobile applications faster and in days or weeks not months. While business users and administrators can develop apps with clicks, not code, developers can make use of powerful development tools and APIs to unleash its true potential. See a short introductory video on Salesforce1

This complimentary webinar will introduce you to Salesforce1. Learn what is Salesforce1 and whether your organization can benefit from it. Learn about the features, capabilities and limitations of Salesforce1 and what are the skills required to use it. See a live demo of Salesforce1 in action.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive training course on Salesforce1 but rather an overview demo.

This webinar will also give you an idea as to how our live online training works, so that if you are interested in learning these technologies you can sign up for our live online courses.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Salesforce1
    • What is Salesforce1
    • Features & Functionalities of Salesforce1
  • Demo of Using Salesforce1 (For End Users)
    • Navigation Menu
    • Chatter
    • Notifications
    • Records (from Standard & Custom Objects)
    • Tasks
    • Dashboards
  • Demo of Administering / Customizing Salesforce1 (For Administrators)
    • Controlling Access to Salesforce1
    • Configuring Notification
    • Configuring Navigation Menu
    • Configuring Page Layouts
    • Configuring Compact Layouts
    • Configuration Publisher Actions
      • Create Actions
      • Log-a-call Actions
      • Update Actions
  • Demo of Developing Applications on Salesforce1 (For Developers)
    • Using Custom Publisher Actions
    • Using Visualforce Pages
    • Using Canvas Apps
    • Using Flexible Pages


An excellent introduction course for existing Salesforce professionals who wants to have more insight on Salesforce1, its features & capabilities This can include

  • Salesforce Managers & Project Managers
  • Salesforce Architects
  • Salesforce Administrators & Consultants
  • Salesforce Developers


Following are the suggested per-requisites for this course.

  • Working Experience with


The total duration for this introductory webinar is approximately 2 hours.


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